Beardown’s Chicago Bears News Digest 6th August 2012

Bears gearing up for Broncos

Just three days to go until the Bears are back in action versus players not wearing navy and orange. Um, okay, just three days to go until the Bears are back in action against someone other than teammates. And no, Caleb, ex teammates don’t count.

With the impending preseason opener in mind, we’re straight into what the Chicago media thinks that the Denver Broncos thinks that the Chicago Bears are going to bring to the table on gameday. Got that?! Here’s the Tribune’s Dan Pompei on the matchup between the three Denver old boys and the current crop of Broncos…

Broncos expect big things from Cutler-Marshall reunion

Pompei continues his road trip to the Broncos’ Englewood training base camp with a look at a much maligned former Bear who is hoping for something of a rebirth as a Bronco, although Caleb Hanie has a fight on his hands for the backup QB role with second round pick Brock Osweiler also in the mix…

Hanie battling for Broncos’ backup role

So, apart from a trademark bunch of interceptions from Hanie, what’s on the minds in Denver? Well, first up is the breaking news from the Denver Post that, despite coach John Fox insisting to any media that will listen that the team’s QB depth is 1, 2A, 2B & 2C, the team have released the first depth chart of the season, with Hanie winning his first battle of a long season by being the only actual #2 QB on it.

Broncos’ Caleb Hanie listed on depth chart as backup to Peyton Manning

Plus, from being fan of a team where first round busts had been almost par for the course under the previous GM (grrr), one of the biggest eye openers about the first Broncos’ depth chart is where former marquee RB Knowshon Moreno sits on it. The former first rounder is listed as the fourth string tailback, which will surely alert running back starved teams around the league come cut time. Granted, one of the reasons that Moreno is down the pecking order is due to his recovery from an ACL injury, but the former 12th overall pick out of Georgia has hardly drawn rave reviews to his contributions in a Broncos jersey since being drafted with the first round pick not acquired via the Jay Cutler trade (that was the 18th overall pick with which Denver selected Tennessee defensive end Robert Ayers, who has only managed 4.5 sacks in three seasons).

The Denver media aside, for a look at how their fans are reacting to their early depth chart, check out their impressive fan site milehighreport, closely followed by a trip to predominantlyorange, where their resident at camp gives a detailed blog of their latest scrimmage infront of a record breaking crowd.

Back on a topic that is slightly more concern for Bears fans, various media sources are going into overdrive on reporting that Brian Urlacher has missed five days of practice and is set to sit out the preseason opener. Over to ESPN for their scoop and video…

Brian Urlacher iffy vs. Broncos

And Finally…

Also on the minds of several media outlets, including the aforementioned Chicago Tribune and Denver Post despite the game involved being the Green Bay vs San Diego matchup, is that on Thursday the NFL will use it’s first ever female referee, Shannon Eastin. Just a few words of warning for any Packers fans thinking of throwing any abuse at the lady…

Shannon Eastin not only has 16 years of officiating under her belt, it’s black and has several Dans on it as she is a six time winner of the US National Judo Championships.

Well, good job Brett Favre isn’t still around to deliver a trademark hit on her before, during or after the game.

To discuss this, and more, make your way to the forums here at Beardown. Look forward to seeing you there. 🙂

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