Chicago Bears NFL Power Rankings Watch 2012 – Week 4

So here are the Chicago Bears NFL Power Rankings for week 4… The previous week’s ranking is in brackets.

Fox Sports/MSN 9th (10th)
Brian Billick: Cutler threw an interception and was sacked two times, an improvement from four interceptions and seven sacks the week before. The Bears only converted 29 percent of their third downs, and it is hard to gain any offensive momentum with that many three and outs.

CBS Sports 7th (14th)
Pete Prisco: That defensive front is playing a nasty style of football. They keep that up, and they could be a lot like the Giants.

ESPN 11th (12th)
Dan Graziano: Still waiting for Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall to rediscover that old Denver magic.

Yahoo! 8th (10th)
Zac Wassink: Chicago’s pass rush looks nasty, but I don’t want to get overly excited about the Bears just yet. They’ve only beaten Indy and St. Louis, after all.–nfl.html

Bleacher Report 8th (15th)
Adam Wells: I came into the season expecting big things from the Bears because I am a sucker. So far, they have actually played closer to where I thought they would, albeit against teams like Indianapolis and St. Louis. The game against the Packers is the one outlier, though it could be a game that tells us far more about where the Bears are at right now than anything they did in Week 1 or Week 3. 9th (10th)
Elliot Harrison: Jay Cutler is still leaving plays on the field. So is Brandon Marshall. But at the end of the day, the defense imposed its will on the Rams while the passing game was at least able to contribute. Marshall and Alshon Jeffery each caught five balls in the 23-6 win over St. Louis, but safety Major Wright’s catch — er, pick — was the tide-turner. The jury is still out on these Bears. Let’s see how the offensive line fares against a tough Dallas Cowboys defense on a national stage Monday.

SB Nation 8th (13th)
Joel Thorman: This is my “They’re ranked way too high” team. I wouldn’t call them a stable team — I feel like they could implode at any time — but when they’re on, they’re very good. Give it to me, commenters.

Tribune 10th (12th)
Dan Pompeii: They won’t get to the top of this list unless Jay Cutler starts pulling his weight..–20120926,0,3213449.column

Pro Football Talk 12th (18th)
Based on Jay Cutler’s passer rating this year, J’Marcus Webb should be the one doing the bumping.

Last week’s average position was 11.9. This week: 9.1.
It’s fair to say that the rankers were not overly impressed by the victory over the St Louis Rams – and who can blame them? Now, if the Bears beat the Dallas Cowboys? Expect a lot of love.
Overreaction of the week: Dan Pompeii has the Cardinals atop his rankings. I know they’re 3-0 but so are the Texans.
Bears hater of the week: Pro Football Talk for dragging up something that happened nearly two weeks ago. Move on, guys.
Bears lover of the week: Pete Prisco of CBS for comparing the Bears to the Super Bowl champs.

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